Our dental office is focused on maintaining your optimal oral wellness through comprehensive, proactive care. Dr. Roger E. Oppenheimer DDS, MAGD takes an in-depth approach to preserving the strength and longevity of a healthy smile. Thorough exams, high-end diagnostic tools, and treatment plans make your dental experience more comfortable, affordable, and rewarding in the long run.

In our office, we aim to provide you a lifetime of total-body wellness through healthy teeth and gums. Prevention and treatment of oral disease in its earliest stages is critical for the protection of your smile and overall well-being. Dr. Roger E. Oppenheimer DDS, MAGD, implements the latest treatments and technologies, allows her to notice any warning signs of oral health conditions before they become unmanageable. To accomplish this, he proudly offers the following preventative dental techniques:

Our goal is to always protect your smile from oral health issues before they become a problem. We feel this offers the best chance at a lifetime of excellent wellness for your mouth and entire body. This is the type of dentistry we know everyone deserves. Contact Sherman Cosmetic Dentistry to schedule your exam with one of the top dentists in Connecticut, Dr. Roger E. Oppenheimer DDS, MAGD today.