Ways Dentists Can Improve Patient Comfort in the Dental Office

Not many people are happy to visit the dentist office and an uncomfortable office can exacerbate the patient's tension and anxiety. It is possible to make the dental visit more comfortable from the moment the patient walks in through the door to the time the procedure or consultation is completed. There are a few great tips that dentists can apply to improve patient comfort in the dental office.

Create Comfortable Seating

Doctor's offices are synonymous with waiting so make sure your patients are comfortable as they wait their turn. Consider seats with movable armrests or seats with pads. If you have a big space, consider clustered seating. This is a great solution for patients who come in with active children so that the kids won't disturb others in the waiting room. This clustered seating also gives a sense of privacy especially for patients who are experiencing pain or discomfort.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Traditional fluorescent lighting is cold and impersonal and gives the patient the dreaded feeling of being in a hospital. Natural light is preferable if at all possible as it has been proven to elevate mood. If you can't have big open windows in your waiting room, consider playing around with different levels and types of lighting in the waiting room, hallways treatment rooms and reception.

Watch the Clutter

Reading materials for the patient is definitely a plus but keep the clutter to a minimum. Neatly arrange the magazines, brochures and posters or minimize them. Clutter is distracting and may disturb the patient's mental state more than it already is. If you have magazines for your patients, keep them current and change them out once in a while for your regular patients. Consider installing screens where you can stream informational material rather than have posters all over the walls. Nice decorative touches, accents or calming paintings can take the place of posters.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

Train your staff on customer service and how to make the patients feel welcome. Work on your people skills so you are pleasant, reassuring and friendly. The décor can also reflect a certain personality such as urban, modern or even quirky. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your décor to show off your personality and the personality of your dentist office.

You may be providing quality dental services but if your dentist office doesn’t reflect that, you may have a hard time keeping patients or getting new ones. Utilize these tips to create a comfortable dentist office for patients and visitors. 

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