How to Create a Desirable Dental Office Ambiance

There are many words that you can use to describe a dental office but 'ambiance' is hardly one of them. Dentistry is competitive and having great experience and exceptional skills may not be enough to guarantee a success or longevity. Great ambiance may be what makes your practice stand out from dozens of other dental offices across the city. Consider implementing a few or these ideas to create a dental office that people actually want to come to.

You Don’t Have To Look Like a Dental Office

If you have been to one dentist office, you have been to all of them. At least that's what most patients think. Dental offices tend to look, smell and 'feel' the same. Smell is a particularly strong sense and has a way of invoking good or bad memories. Few people have rosy childhood memories of visiting the dentist so if your office smells like every other dental office, it is no wonder your patients look anxious and uncomfortable. Something as simple as aromatherapy diffusers with scented essential oils can make all the difference. A dental office that smells like chamomile or lavender will definitely give your patients something to remember and talk about.

Watch Your Colors

Just like smells, colors also evoke feelings in people. Waiting for a root canal procedure is grim enough so your walls don’t have to add to the patient's sense of misery. Choose light colors and shades such as light blue, beige or sage green. Simply repainting your wall can make a huge difference and you may not even need to invest in anything else save maybe for an inexpensive diffuser.

Focus on Lighting

If you can manage, natural light is the best accessory you can have in your dental office. Your office immediately stops feeling claustrophobic and dull and gives the patient the feeling of being outside. If you can't have natural light, consider soft lighting that doesn’t point directly to the patient's eyes.

Borrow From Spa Treatments

Visits to the dentist office are often tense and anxious but this doesn’t have to be the case. A few spa-like touches can help the patients to relax while they wait their turn. Consider small additions such as hot tea (preferably flavored), scented or heated towels and eye masks. This definitely doesn’t sound like a dental office but there is no rule that says your patients can't get a spa treatment to go with the new filling.

You owe it to your patients to make them comfortable and maybe even look forward to visiting your dental office. Don’t confine yourself to traditional designs and rather experiment with creating an inviting and peaceful ambiance for your patients. 

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