How a Night Guard Can Help Manage Teeth Grinding

Bruxism is the medical name for teeth grinding and clenching especially during sleep. At least 8-percent of the population suffers from the condition. Symptoms of bruxism may include insomnia, facial pain and of course tooth damage.

A night mouth guard is a common and simple solution for bruxism. It may not treat the problem itself but it protects your teeth against damage and alleviates most of the symptoms including insomnia, jaw pain and headaches. Below are a few ways night guards may help people dealing with teeth grinding.

Protect Your Enamel

The first and most obvious benefit of wearing a teeth guard at night is to protect your tooth enamel. There are different types of mouth guards depending on the severity of your condition.

Soft rubber: is a good choice if you regularly clench your teeth rather than grind.

Hybrid laminate: works for people with a moderate teeth grinding problem. This mouth guard has a soft interior and a hard exterior.

Hard acrylic: is specifically made for people with heavy teeth grinding issues. These also have a soft interior so you don’t hurt your teeth and gums.

The idea behind the night guard is to create a protective layer between your teeth. Rather than your teeth getting worn, the guard takes the bulk of the damage. You may need to replace the night guard anywhere between a year or five years depending on the type of guard and the severity of your condition.

Relieve Jaw Pain

People who clench or grind during the night often wake up with soreness or pain around the jaw and cheeks. The human jaw can exert a force of up to 1,300 Newtons which is why you wake up with jaw pain after a full night of clenching and grinding. A night guard creates a cushion between your upper and lower teeth and therefore protects your jaw from excess tension.

Get Better Sleep

This is especially true for custom made nigh guards. The nigh guard helps to reduce or even stop grinding and clenching. At the very least, the guard will reduce the intensity of your clenching or grinding sessions. This in turn leads to far better sleep.

You may want to get custom-made night guards that fit your particular set of teeth comfortably. These guards have proven effective for managing and sometimes stopping bruxism. At the very least you will be able to treat or manage the symptoms of the condition. 

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