Your Smile and Job Hunting

There is nothing as exciting as when you are called for a job interview. This proves that someone has seen your worth as an employee and would like to hire you. For you to get this job, first impression will count. The interviewer is not considering your skills anymore. How you look and present yourself will determine whether you get the job or lose it to someone else.


Studies show that people hardly forget the smile of someone they meet for the first time. You definitely need to smile more often. A smile could be the reason why you get that job. This is why you need to commit to your dental appointments and take care of your teeth. If your teeth are making you smile less, you should visit a dentist for bleaching and other dental procedures.  Here are other reasons why wearing a smile while job hunting is good for you:


  1. Perception: There is nothing as important as people’s perception during a job interview. Showing a smile automatically shows that you are confident in your skills and that you belong there. No one will know that you are shaking and anxious in the inside when you smile. The interviewer’s perception of who you are as a person is important in order to get that job.
  2. Salary and benefits: Studies show that people who smile during job hunting and interviews while having a conversation with people are likely to be offered more salaries than their counterparts. This shows that you know what you are doing and have the ability to deliver in your line of work. Studies also show that workers who visit their dentists to get their teeth whitened also get a raise and other benefits at work.
  3. Breaks the ice: Anytime you meet new people especially during job hunting, there is always a giant elephant in the room. A smile shows that you are willing to warm up to the interviewers and actually get to know them. This also allows them to understand and know the real you. You might be surprised how establishing a relationship with these people could be the only reason why you are more qualified than your counterparts.
  4. More opportunities: You will be surprised at the doors that a smile can open for you. People have landed better job positions and promotions because of their smiles. A smile shows people that you are approachable  
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