Why is Candy Bad for Your Teeth

Candy is a treat that everyone loves to indulge in once in a while. It is not only sweet to the mouth but also a convenient way to get a quick dose of sugar for energy. There are many reasons why candy is not good for your teeth. It is important to ensure that everything that finds its way into your mouth does not damage your teeth in any way.


  • Not good for your enamel – The enamel of the teeth is the hard component on the surface. It may look tough but enamel is liable to get damaged and cause you problems. Hard candy wears away at the enamel making it weak and liable to crack in due time. This is a possibility for anyone who has the habit of using the teeth to crunch at the hard candy.  Soft candy will get stuck on the teeth making it easy for plaque to form which damages your teeth.
  • Sugars – Most candies have sugar as a primary ingredient. Sugar in the mouth causes bacteria to convert it into acids that eat away at the teeth making them to rot. Sometimes the sugar is left in hard to reach parts of the tooth meaning you might not get rid of it with simple brushing.

These reasons are why dentists discourage the use of candy and other sweets. If you suffer from a sweet tooth the best option is to substitute candy with healthier alternative. You can opt for sugarless treats. Some candy is made from sugars that are not easily broken down by the bacteria in the mouth to cause havoc to your teeth.


You can also opt for sweet fruits and vegetables as they are a safer alternative. This alternative not only protects you from the bad sugars but helps you get the necessary nutrients that are essential for strong gums and teeth. You can choose fruits that are easy to pop in the mouth such as grapes and the like.


If you eat a lot of sweets, taking care of your teeth should be given priority. You should ensure that you brush and floss regularly. Brushing ensures that you have a clean mouth that neutralizes the sugars in the mouth. It also ensures that any candy stuck to the teeth is scrapped away. You can also drink lots of water daily so that you can dilute the sugar in the mouth and wash it away too. 

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