Why See a Dentist

Regular visits to your dentist are necessary for maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Your teeth form a significant element of your body and maintaining their cleanliness also helps keep your body and mouth clean. A considerable number of people do not recognize that dental checkups play a vital role in their oral hygiene as well as in the early detection and prevention of severe medical issues such as oral cancer and gum disease. These reasons indicate why you should see a dentist:


Disease Prevention

Visiting your dentist regularly could help protect you against various conditions such as gum disease. Gum disease, particularly gingivitis is a major cause of tooth loss and tooth decay. If your dentist discovers this disease early, you can receive treatment. However, if untreated, you could develop periodontitis, which researchers have linked to the likelihood of developing a stroke or heart attack.  Regular visits will therefore reduce your risk of getting dental infections. For instance, cavities not only cause pain but could also be potentially dangerous. The infection could spread to your bloodstream, resulting in septicemia.


Early Detection

When your dentist detects problems such as cavities early, you will obtain simpler treatment procedures and better outcomes. For instance, non-surgical techniques can treat mild and moderate forms of gum disease. However, advanced forms may require a surgical procedure. Early detection also enables your dentist to reverse the early symptoms of a cavity through re-calcification of your enamel using fluoride treatment. If untreated, a cavity could expand and affect the pulp and dentin of your tooth. At this point, your dentist may recommend a filling or root canal treatment.



Regular dental visits can offer financial benefits by helping you cut down on dental expenses. The treatments for the initial phases of oral problems tend to be simple and less costly. However, treating a problem in its advanced phase will need complicated procedures, which will typically be expensive. For instance, a filling will cost you less than a root canal treatment.


Avoid Complications

Early detection can avoid various complications. For instance, if your dentist does not identify and treat a decayed tooth accordingly, it may produce pus around your tooth's roots. This will in turn produce excruciating pain. Bacterial infection from the pus could also spread, causing complications such as bone infection, sinusitis, and a dental cyst.


Maintain good oral health

Regular dental visits enable you to maintain a good oral health. During your visit, your dentist could discover plaque and consequently offer you advice on how to prevent further accumulation. 

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