Why Does Food Get Stuck in My Teeth?

Foods which maintain a longer contact by lingering in the mouth include processed foods such as chocolate, sweets and cakes., Healthy fruitsounds such as raisins and grapes are chewy and sticky thus they stay in the mouth for longer and can cause dental cavities. Food can get stuck on your teeth because of a number of reasons which includes:


  1. Food properties.


Some foods like peanut and jelly are sugary, sticky and chewy and . They have a tendency of adhering on your teeth when you are eating. wWhen they accumulate over a period of time on your teeth, they resulting into plaque. The bacteria in plaque produces acid that corrodes the tooth enamel causing cavities.


Meat has fibres that stick in between adjacent tooth, when not properly cleaned can accumulate over time resulting to plaque, gum disease and dental carries.


  1. Spaces between teeth.


Some people have dental contours or natural spacing between two adjacent teeth while other people have cracks in between their teeth caused by crowning or fillings. tThese spaces can trap food particles.


  1. Cavities.


When you have cavities, sticky foods that remain on your teeth after chewing can hasten the decaying of your tooth and also cause sensitivity.


  1. Improper brushing and flossing technique.


When brushing your teeth always employ the proper brushing technique. Using a soft bristled tooth brush and gently moving the brush in short strokes, ensuring you remove plaque from under the gum line. Flossing should be practisedpracticed with great care not to pushressure food debris in between your teeth and into your gum line.


  1. Dental braces.


Always clean your braces with patience and precision, removing tiny food particles and thick sticky plaque which might have formed between your teeth and gum.


When you eat foods that easily stick on your teeth you should:


  • Brush your teeth after every meal or use sugar free chewing gum to inhibit formation of plaque and also remove food particles which might linger in your mouth.
  • When flossing use the proper technique to ensure you get rid of food particles that have stuck in between your teeth.
  • If you have dental braces clean your teeth with precision to make sure your braces and arch wire do not trap food particles that can accumulate over time forming plaque and tartar.
  • Always check your mouth when you are done with your cleaning routine to make sure all visible food and plaque have been removed.
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