When, Where and How to Floss

Flossing is one of the most important dental hygienic routines that everyone should be able to do regularly. Children under the age of twelve can be assisted by their parents to floss properly so that they can learn and carry the habit into their future. Sadly, only very few people floss. Additionally, the few that floss sometimes do not do so properly.


One of the misconceptions about flossing is that it is hard work. When you know how to floss, you will not only prefer it as opposed to tooth decay but you will also reap the benefits of strong and healthy teeth. Dental floss also prevents gum diseases. It removes plaque that is between teeth and on gums.


It is important to learn how to floss properly. You need to know when and where to floss so as not to have the excuse of not having time for the activity. Here are a few suggestions:


When to Floss


  1. Floss only when you are at your highest energy level and enthusiasm.
  2. If you are a morning person, you should have your breakfast and brush your teeth. After this, you can floss.
  3. People who are active in the afternoon can floss after they have had their lunch.
  4. Anytime your eyes and brain are ready to begin the day, you should floss and ensure that your teeth are well taken care of. People who are active in the evening can floss right before bed.


Where to Floss


  1. Remember that flossing is a cleaning process and there is bound to be some leftover food particles on the string or on your hands. It is therefore important to do this activity in the bathroom. This is because you can use the water to rinse your hands and teeth when you need to.
  2. Some people floss in the shower.
  3. If you rarely have time to do this at home, you can take advantage of the time you will spend in traffic and floss in the car.
  4. Those who love watching movies and television can floss as they enjoy their shows.


How to Floss


  1. Wrap the floss thread on your middle fingers. Make sure you have at least eighteen inches of thread in between.
  2. Hold the floss with your thumb and index finger and push it inside the spaces of the tooth. This should be follow an up and down movement taking care not to injure the gums.
  3. Do this several times in between the teeth. Make sure you also clean near the gums gently. Use clean floss each time you remove it from the spaces. 
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