What's Your Favorite Music In The Dental Office?

When you visit the dentist, you will notice that there is always music playing in the background. This music is used to relax and calm the patients. Dentists always want their patients to relax when they come for an appointment. Indeed music in the dental office can make a big difference in the overall experience you have at the clinic.


Music also affects the mood of patients and dentists. Studies show that music increases people’s productivity because it calms and soothes them. It is a fact that each individual has his or her own taste in music. People’s favorite music falls under classical, oldies, rock, jazz and blues. While there are people who love listening to music at the dental office, there are others who love listening to the news as they prepare for their appointment.


With the unlimited choices of music that we have, it can be challenging for the dentist to choose a genre that his patients will enjoy. While classic music soothes an individual while working, the same genre can be someone else’s boredom. However, there are some dentists who are very creative when it comes to ensuring that their patients hear only their favorite music at the clinic. Here are some of the ways that they ensure this is possible:


  1. Plug and play: Dentists allow their patients to plug in earphones while in the office and choose a genre of music that they love. This is mostly encouraged when the dentist is administering treatment as it makes the patient relaxed.
  2. Radio stations: Different radio stations are known to play music in certain categories at certain times. There are times when only classical music is played while other times, hits are played. Dentists will choose the most popular radio stations or program on radio while their patients are waiting for their appointment.
  3. Surveys: Dentists are always encouraging their patients to share their thoughts about their experience while at the clinic. They find out the kind of music that their patients like and provide it based on popular demand.
  4. Paid music services: There are dentists who prefer having paid subscription to music services. This is because there is continuous playing of people’s favorite songs. The song selection is also very wide and uninterrupted.
  5. Playlists: There are certain dentists that will design playlists based on the selection of their patients. They will therefore have the playlist on CDs and DVDs that will play uninterrupted music.
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