Ultimate Mouthwash Guide

A mouthwash is regarded as an extra help in the fight for good oral health. This is a liquid used to rinse the mouth after brushing and flossing and comes in different types. It is used to help in further cleaning of the mouth but it cannot be used in the place of brushing and flossing as a way to clean teeth.  It is therefore a secondary method for maintain healthy teeth and gums. That said, mouthwash is useful for oral health. If you want to incorporate it to your daily routine, you should pick one that will help you achieve what you want in your oral health.


  • Cosmetic mouthwash

If all you want is to have an extra boost for a fresher breath, then a cosmetic mouthwash will do just fine. This type of mouth wash is ideal for when you want to have extra breath. It however does not kill plaque or other bacteria that cause bad breath. It offers no protection from cavities but is just useful for masking bad breath.


  • Antiseptic mouthwash

This is a stronger mouthwash that has antibacterial and other antiseptic agents. This mouthwash is very active in dealing with plaque and other bacteria that cause tooth decay and bad breath. They are reputed to kill up to 25% of plaque in the mouth thus making them ideal for the task.  Like all other types of mouthwash, antiseptic mouthwash is used as a further aid to oral health practices and therefore is not a replacement of brushing teeth.


  • Fluoride mouthwash

This mouthwash is ideal for people who have to deal with tooth cavities and decay. Fluoride is an active ingredient in strengthening teeth and its use in mouthwash and toothpaste offers protection against tooth cavities. Cavities usually come about when the tooth enamel is eaten away by food particles which turn acidic when they come into contact with plaque. Fluoride therefore helps the enamel to remain strong therefore not prone to cavities.


Your choice of mouthwash should match what your needs are. Your dentist will help you make the right choice of mouthwash based on your oral needs. If you want to strengthen your teeth, then the fluoride mouthwash offers the best choice.   Mouthwash should be used as directed. Children should use mouthwash under strict supervision as the alcohol content in the products may not be good for their health if swallowed. 

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