Tooth Pain After a Root Canal

Procedures on root canal are usually painful. In fact, some patients usually express more pain after a root canal procedure. There are many of these procedures that are done on patients every year. There is indeed evidence of pain after treatment and sometimes, this pain persists for a while. This pain can remain for six months depending on the procedure.


One of the acute pains that patients experience after a root canal procedure happens around the tooth. This almost always happens when the patient needs emergency appointments to re-evaluate the teeth. This pain is known as post-endodontic flare-up pain. One of the causes is because of dental anxiety. The tooth will definitely have pain that is normal after dental surgery. Treatment of post-endodontic flare-up pain includes prescription medication for drugs that are taken orally. 


Other reasons why you may suffer from tooth pain after root canal procedure is the following:


  1. When there are complications during or after the procedure. You can get an infection when one of the root canals is left unclean.
  2. There are times when there is a crack at the root of teeth that can go unnoticed.
  3. Defective dental restoration. This makes bacteria enter the teeth and re-contaminate the teeth.


There are cases where patients suffer from tooth pain even after medication. This is known as post-operative pain. This is pain that patients experience within six months of root canal procedure. There are cases where the pain causes patients to suffer so much so that their routines are affected. Solutions for this persistent pain include:


  1. Minimal chewing and speaking: Until the procedure is finished, it is important to minimize activities such as chewing and speaking. This will assist you in avoiding contamination. Additionally, you will also prevent breaking until the tooth is completely healed.
  2. Take the medication that the dentist has prescribed. Avoid over the counter medication or recommendations from friends without checking with your dentist first.
  3. Observe oral dental health after the procedure. Typically, your normal routine will change after a root canal procedure. It is important to speak with your dentist concerning the changes so that you can recover without inflammation and infection. Brushing and flossing gently is also important.


Scheduled dental appointments are also important so that the dentists can re-evaluate the procedure. The dentist will also be able to assess your progress. 

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