Tooth Fairy and Inflation

Every child expects a visit from the tooth fairy after the loss of a tooth. Most parents are at a loss on how much money they should place under the pillow. A quarter will only go so far even if it is being used on treats. Parents are also under pressure to match what other parents are giving. Considering that children will brag in the playground of how much they received from the tooth fairy, you might find yourself under pressure to give your child the same amount.


When your child loses a tooth, you can arrive at how much to give him or her using many methods.


  • Use the national average

Data collected from a Tooth Fairy Calculator application shows that the average amount being left under the pillow is at $ 4. You can use this amount as a reference to how much you can leave under the pillow.


  • How much you can afford

The amount that you can spare will depend on your capability to give. You can give as low as a dollar just as a token especially considering some children may lose their teeth at a fast rate within a few given months. The amount that you give should be just right to make your child appreciate the visit from the tooth fairy but still reasonable to your budget.


  • What other parents are giving

You can find out from your circle of friends how much they are giving their children. You can use these figures to work out how much you can give such that your child does not feel shortchanged when comparing with others. In your quest to keeping up with the Joneses, ensure that you do not exceed what you can afford to give.


Some parents give a high amount on the first tooth and subsequent teeth receive lower amounts. This is a good control on how much you spend on teeth.


Losing teeth can be an exciting time for children and a visit from the tooth fairy makes it even better. You however do not need to go overboard in your quest to match what other parents are giving. You can use your judgment as what is suitable for your children. You can also use this chance to teach your children about the value for money and it is never too early to start those lessons on savings too.

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