Tooth Fairy Takes a Trip Around The World

Your teeth are a reflection of who you are and largely contribute to your confidence. Indeed, people who have great teeth tend to smile often and socialize with other people. Dentists worldwide sensitize their patients in the importance of following a dental routine to ensure that their teeth remain strong and healthy. One particular group that dentists encourage this habit is children.


It is a proven fact that if teeth are taken care of from an early age, then the benefits will be reaped in adulthood. The American Dental Association creates awareness on oral health especially for children. This is why a whole month is dedicated to children’s dental hygiene.


One of the ways that children are encouraged to take care of their teeth is through the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy is a symbol of change, hope and growth. She visits her friends and plays with them anytime they lose their teeth.  Children love the tooth fairy and see her as a magical princess who visits and rewards them anytime they lose a tooth. Here are a few tooth fairy tales from around the world:



When children lose their lower teeth, they throw them on roof tops. If they lose their teeth from the upper jaw, they throw them beneath the ground or floor. When throwing the tooth, a child shouts for a mouse tooth. The tooth fairy turns into a mouse when collecting the teeth. Mice are known for having strong teeth their entire lives. This makes the child look forward to having strong teeth and taking care of them.


Children in Japan will either throw their teeth up or down. This is done in a straight manner because they believe their teeth will grow straight when done this way. Children in India cover their lost teeth in cloth and offer it to the sun by throwing them to the sky.


North America and the UK

Children here see the tooth fairy as a magical goddess with a gown and wings. She flies from one home to the next finding teeth beneath the pillows and rewarding the children after taking the teeth.



Children in Europe bury their teeth or throw them in the fire. This is because of the belief that should a witch find them, she could have powers over the children.  The French believe that the tooth fairy turns into a mouse and replaces a child’s tooth with coins.


Middle East

Children are seen throwing teeth on the sky as a symbol of offering. They also ask for better replacement of teeth. This offering is given to the sun. 

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