Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters are a fun way to play with words. They are phrases or words that are hard to express articulately. They can also have rhyme and usually involve sounds that may seem similar but are distinct. Mostly used sounds include ‘s’ and ‘sh’, which offer a challenge when used in a repetitive pattern in a sentence. Some tongue twisters can be found in a single sentence or more lines.


There are many variations of tongue twisters and apart from making it a fun way to pass an afternoon they are also useful in many ways.


  • Improve diction

Hard words and tongue twisters are useful in improving how a person pronounces words. They are a great aid for anyone studying any language as they can be found in almost all languages. From the tongue twisters, language learners can be able to learn how different sounds are applied in any given language.


  • Speech therapy

The complicated arrangement of words and long words helps a person focus on the pronunciation. This is helpful for anyone dealing with speech problems such as lisps. By focusing on the individual sounds and elements of the tongue twister, the speaker is able to work on their speech defects.


  • Exercise the mouth, jaws and lips.

Tongue twisters are a great way to improve the flexibility of the mouth, jaws and lips. This is useful as it helps to improve the clarity of what you are saying by improving the way you form vowels. Speech therapists and vocalists use these words as warm up exercises.


  • Helps with teeth grinding and clamping

There are some people that have to deal with teeth grinding and clamping especially at night. This condition is brought about by a badly set jaw. Using tongue twisters and especially words that call for long pronunciation, can counter this. This is because saying the words out loud helps to set the jaw where it is supposed to be naturally therefore reducing the wear and discomfort that is brought about by the condition.


Tongue twisters are therefore useful tools that you can incorporate into your daily routine. The harder they are the better they are in helping you improve in some aspect of your speech. You can be able to get samples of tongue twisters from online sources. You can also use tongue twisters to help your children learn sounds in a fun way. 

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