Tongue Rings Dental Issues?

Tongue rings are fashionable accessories that are favoured by teenagers and those looking for a unique look. What most people do not know is that these fashion accessories can be a source of health problems when not taken care of properly. Here are some of the oral health problems that can arise from tongue jewellery.



The tongue has naturally occurring bacteria. When pierced, the bacteria get introduced to the blood stream, which can cause an infection to occur. An infection in the mouth is dangerous because it is easily spread to other parts of the body causing serious health problems. Heart diseases and respiratory infections can easily arise from this injury in the mouth. The ring, especially if it is made from metal accumulates a lot of bacteria, which is harmful to your health.


Fractures and chippings

The ring is a hard object which when in contact with the teeth, can cause them to fracture or chip. The enamel of the teeth though considered strong does not perform well when it comes against hard objects. Considering that the ring is left in the mouth during eating, sleeping and other activities, it is very easy for the wearer to bite hard on it unintentionally. This hard contact may chip the tooth or fracture it to the core.


Accumulation of plaque

The ring can provide a place for plaque to form and attach. This plaque is harmful for the teeth and may be a source of cavities and gum diseases.


There are many other issues that may arise from a tongue piercing such as dangerous swelling that may inhibit breathing and allergic reactions. Care should therefore be taken from the time of the piercing till the wound has healed and as long as the ring is in the mouth. Observing good oral hygiene will ensure that you manage the bacteria in your mouth. The ring should be kept clean and if possible a plastic ring should be used as it accumulates fewer bacteria.


A visit to the dentist or doctor should be done if any sign of infection is noted. There are also accessories you can get that will help keep the piercing safe for your teeth and overall health. You can use a plug in place of the ring from time to time. You can also use barbells that are available from the piercing shops that will help you keep your teeth safe.

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