Tips for Teaching Kids to Brush

Similar to eating vegetables and taking baths, kids are not always keen on brushing their teeth. In fact, they can meet this activity with utter resistance. However, a solid brushing routine is vital for helping your child combat tooth decay and develop the habit of maintaining oral hygiene. Brushing your child's teeth can either be the worst or best part of your day. Nevertheless, you can teach your child to brush his or her teeth using these simple tips.


  • Make it a family habit

Children frequently want to act like grownups. Therefore, they tend to imitate their older siblings or parents. Rather than make your child perform this activity on his or her own, allow him or her to watch a parent or another family member perform this activity simultaneously. This not only makes the activity fun but also helps your child learn through imitation.


  • Encourage your child

You should praise your child when he or she is brushing his or her teeth. It is important to encourage them in order to motivate them to brush their teeth regularly.


  • Let your child select his or her toothbrush

Provided the toothbrush is age-appropriate, you should permit your child to pick out his or her toothbrush. This helps encourage your child develop a routine for brushing his or her teeth. Furthermore, it makes the activity enjoyable. This gives them a sense of responsibility and independence. It also makes it easy for them to identify their toothbrush. While a colorful toothbrush may not inspire you, this might make the difference in encouraging your child to brush his or her teeth.


  • Mirror

It is advisable to put your child in front of a mirror while brushing his or her teeth. This injects humor into the activity besides making it easy for your child to see his or teeth when brushing. It is very important for your child to see where he or she needs to clean while at the same time learning to control the toothbrush in order to get varied movements.


  • Select the correct toothpaste

Numerous toothpastes exist in the market for children. While some are great, others contain sugar. Therefore, you should exercise caution when selecting toothpaste. Numerous toothpastes comprise strong flavorings that you might not notice. However, these toothpastes could have a stinging effect on your child's mouth. Therefore, it is essential to use toothpaste that is specifically for kids. Mint-flavored toothpastes are ideal opposed to sweet ones. 

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