Tips and Tricks to Avoid Red Wine Stains

Red wine is composed of a mixture of tannin, acids and natural dyes, all of which work together to etch onto your teeth, staining them. It’s not the startling red color your teeth take after you’ve really gone to town on Zinfandel, this is just dye mixed into your saliva, and it cleans out. However, over time continuously imbibing on dark and acidic wines will dull you teeth enamel.


The acids in red wine actually soften the enamel of your teeth. This is why it is not advisable to brush immediately after you drink wine. Your teeth can get eroded at that point. Instead, rinse out the mouth and wait for a little while before brushing.


White wine also has the same effect by the way, it’s just the discoloration is not noticeable since the wine is white. It is recommended that you wash down the acids from your mouth with water after a wine drinking excursion.


Here’s how you can prevent or reduce red wine staining:


Taking Sparkling Water


This one can be fun if you make it. As you take red wine, keep taking carbonated water to wash it down, so that the dye doesn’t stick to your saliva, and eventually teeth. Wash it down with lots of water. It may not completely prevent staining, but it will definitely lessen the effects. The carbon in the water will blithely remove the wine dyes before they set on your teeth


Avoid the white wine


You probably hate us for this one, but laying the acid of white wine on your teeth is equivalent to applying primer to a sanded surface before the coating of paint, the red wine playing paint in this case. Greater damage will be caused if the white wine is more acidic. This acid wears down your enamel, creating micro channels in your teeth, which essentially are equivalent to a porous surface, color pigments will settle there.


Brushing before taking wine


Yes, we meant to say before. Red wine sticks to plaque like a leech. Brush your teeth about one hour before you go out drinking. Right before will affect the taste of the wine, since your palate will still have that just-brushed taste.


Tooth fortification


Make your teeth stronger, eat foods rich in calcium such as cheeses, fortified cereals and milk, Vitamin D such as UV enriched mushrooms, eggs and fish and Vitamin C from cranberries, cauliflower and strawberries. Love cheese - hard cheeses have more calcium than soft, and are generally healthier for your teeth.


Pair the wine with fiber-rich foods


The fiber in the foods will sort be like a brush, scrubbing away the stain from your teeth. For full effect, couple with sparkling water. Maybe your next bottle should be accompanied by a spinach salad?

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