Smiling and the Science of Attraction

People often underestimate the power behind a smile yet it could turn your life around. Though simple, a smile is indeed powerful. You will discover that the more you smile, the more you draw people towards you. People will want to associate with you because of your positive energy. The link between smiling and attraction is deep-seated.  Furthermore, smiling has various health benefits for instance it decreases stress.


Smiling and Attraction

A relationship between smiling and attraction exists hence you should make an effort to smile more often. Research indicates that smiling draws people because a smile represents a social cue. It can signify celebration, gratitude, among other feelings. A smile also indicates that you are optimistic, approachable, and happy. A considerable proportion of how you communicate originates from your body language rather than words. This implies that being conscious of your body language could be an extremely powerful tool in the social world. The key that links attraction and smiling is smiling with the entire face rather than just the mouth. However, this could take some practice, particularly if you are not accustomed to doing so. Smiles could also be contagious hence you could enhance other peoples' happiness irrespective of whether you know the person or not. Research also indicates that you lean towards others who smile. As a result, you feel compelled to spend time around somebody who smiles. Conversely, you will stay away from somebody who frowns for fear of sharing his or her negativity.


The Science behind Smiling

Several physiological changes take place when you laugh and smile. Movements of your facial muscles trigger these changes. Your brain then interprets your smile and discharges chemicals known as endorphins. Endorphins make you happy and help decrease stress in your body and mind.  These chemicals also alleviate pain and enhance feelings of contentment. Smiling also triggers brain activity that generates a positive feedback loop, which ultimately reinforces your feeling of joy.


Benefits of Smiling


Maintains positivism

Smiling increases your sense of well-being and positivism. Smiling could also increase your happiness despite feeling the opposite. Smiling helps change your mood. Therefore, when you are sad, begin smiling; this will elevate your mood. Smiling tricks your body into altering your mood for the better.


Provides a youthful appearance

Smiling could take years off your face. The muscles you require to smile lift your face up, thereby giving you a youthful appearance. You should try to smile naturally during the day because an unnatural smile could cause suspicion. 

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