Pros & Cons Whitening Kits

Over the years, tooth whitening has gained popularity as a dental treatment. Currently, numerous methods exist for you to obtain a brighter smile. You could visit a professional or purchase whitening kits. With today's hectic lifestyles, these whitening kits have gained popularity for various reasons. For numerous people, their teeth are a source of embarrassment since they are no longer as white as they previously were. Furthermore, the condition of your teeth could result in low self-esteem. While whitening kits offer varied benefits, they also have drawbacks.



  • Accessibility and convenience

Whitening kits are extremely accessible and are available at most stores. This implies that you do not have to schedule an appointment with your dentist. It is also convenient to whiten your teeth at home rather than use fuel to attend several dental appointments. You can also travel anywhere with your kit. Furthermore, you can purchase your kit online and have it delivered.


  • Affordability

There is a very huge price variation between professional whitening and take-home whitening kits. If you lack the finances to have a professional whiten your teeth, you could opt for a kit. These whitening systems are cost-effective, enabling you to select a kit based on your preferences and budget. The cost of this kit also differs depending on the brand you buy and the quantity.


  • Confidence

These kits help restore your confidence particularly if your teeth cause you considerable embarrassment. Whiter teeth lead to enhanced self-esteem and more smiling. When your teeth have a whiter appearance, they detract from the emergence of wrinkles on your skin, giving you a youthful look. Moreover, a white teeth appearance could change how people react towards you.



  • Sensitivity

Some kits comprise elevated bleach levels, which could cause teeth sensitivity in some people. The mouth guard in the kit might not fit correctly increasing the likelihood of leakage of the bleaching gel into your gums, causing sensitivity.


  • Inefficiency

Some kits do not have sufficient levels of the whitening product to promote efficiency. Furthermore, these kits may not work for everybody. As a result, you might experience minimal change in your teeth appearance.


  • Gum irritation

A considerable number of people who use whiteners that contain peroxide experience some level of gum irritation. The irritation typically originates from bleach concentration or contact from the whitening trays. The chemical contained in these kits could also make your gums blister besides burning your mouth.


  • Technicolor teeth

Teeth whitening kits are ineffective on dentures, veneers, or crowns thereby maintaining their default color. This is called Technicolor teeth.




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