Posture and Oral Health

People get shocked when they hear that their posture affects their oral health. We all assume that oral hygiene and diet are responsible for good oral health. However, this is partly true. It is important for you to brush your teeth or floss regularly and eating well will ensure that you are on your way to getting that beautiful smile. Experts are saying that taking care of your posture might be important in having great oral health. It is important to understand the connection between bad posture and dental health.


How Will My Posture Affect My Oral Health?


Posture will affect the hinge of your jaw.  This is seen as one of the most complex joints that you have in your body. It is responsible for the attachment to your cranium, muscles, teeth and nerve bundles. The hinge is also responsible for very complicated movements in your body. These movements include stretching of your jaw, clenching your teeth, moving the jaw backwards or even side to side. Notably, the position of your jaw will affect the position of your head which ultimately affects the shape of your spine.


If you suffer from poor posture, you will have issues like shortening of the jaw, inflammation on the jaws and a misaligned bite. This condition is referred to as TMJ, temperomandibular joint disorder. When you have a misaligned bite, it is very easy to get cracked teeth or uneven wear of your teeth.


This is the reason why, you should practice good posture at all times. Whether you are running, walking or sitting, make sure that your posture is taken care of. Your posture can affect your oral health and the conditions associated with posture are severe dental problems.


Here are some tips for better posture:


  1. It is important to lift your chest and pull your shoulders blades up and down.
  2. Your stomach muscles should always be tight
  3. When you are standing, it is advisable to try to line up your shoulders with your ears, knees with your hips and ankles with your knees.
  4. When sitting your hips should line up with your ears


When you develop problems with oral health as a result of poor posture, your dentist will provide corrective measures. If the problem with posture is severe you might be referred to an expert to help you develop the right posture. Posture also affects the general health of your body apart from your teeth.

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