Most Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry has gained popularity with numerous consumers over the years. Cosmetic dental procedures can enhance your self-esteem and appearance dramatically. Some people hesitate to inquire about these procedures because of the anticipated cost. It is important to seek consultation from your dentist to establish which procedure suits your needs. From subtle modifications to major repairs, dentists can carry out various procedures to enhance your smile. Common procedures include teeth whitening, tooth bonding, and dental implants.


Teeth Whitening

This procedure commonly takes place in your dentist's clinic; however, you can purchase whitening products in retail stores. While some whiten their teeth to eradicate stains, others do so to obtain a whiter shade. Numerous people prefer to conduct this procedure at home due to convenience.


Tooth Bonding

Bonding is a procedure where your dentist attaches materials directly to your teeth. This procedure requires one office visit and lasts numerous years. This form of restoration is more prone to chipping or staining. Your dentist could use this procedure to cover your tooth's external surface completely to change its shape and color. 


Dental Implants

In case of tooth loss, implants help restore your roots. This procedure is better than conventional dentures because it gives you teeth that appear natural. However, the implants tend to be costly. This procedure is permanent and can last several years.



These are typically porcelain-made to achieve white and shiny teeth.  Dentists frequently recommend them if you have tooth discoloration or staining. Veneers could also rectify damaged teeth originating from other causes. They could also change your appearance effectively. Veneers help recreate the normal appearance of your teeth. Simultaneously, they provide resilience and strength comparable to your enamel. Since they are custom-made, it is difficult to differentiate between your natural tooth and a veneer.


Reshaping and Contouring

Tooth contouring and reshaping is a procedure that rectifies irregularly shaped, chipped, or crooked teeth in one session. Dentists commonly use this procedure to modify the length, position, or shape of your teeth. Contouring may also help with bite problems.  It is common for dentists to combine reshaping with bonding. This process is best if you have ordinary, healthy teeth but desire subtle changes to your smile.


Dental Bridge

This helps to eliminate the flat appearance or effect originating from missing teeth. Your dentist will place a denture on the site of your missing tooth and connect it with a crown. This procedure could restore your natural smile. 

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