Mints Vs. Gum

Dental hygiene is important when discussing oral health. It is fundamental to ensure that your teeth are clean and you have fresh breath. This is mostly achieved by brushing your teeth regularly. However, when you need a blast of fresh breath, there are remedies that can be used instead of brushing your teeth. In addition, over brushing your teeth is discouraged.


Mints and gums are used by people for fresh breath. They also help in increasing saliva production in the mouth. Saliva helps in preventing bad breath and dry mouth which can be very uncomfortable. Which is better mint or gum? This mainly depends on preference and situation. Here are a few factors on mints and gums that can help you decide which is better for you.


  1. Mints will give you a blast of fresh air instantly. They dissolve quickly in your mouth and you can continue with what you were doing. Gums on the other hand give you the same but you have to chew them for the next half an hour.
  2. Gums are cheaper than mints. If you need a blast of fresh breath and are running low on cash then they are the best option over mints.
  3. Mints are easy to pack and can be carried during all the seasons. Gums can melt when temperatures rise and be extremely difficult to carry around.
  4. Mints dissolve quickly and you might end up using more mints than gums.
  5. Gums offer a wide variety of flavors that you can choose from. However, the flavors in mint are very limiting
  6. Chewing gum can be very distracting and even considered rude in some circumstances. This cannot be said of mints. Chewing can also lead to jaw fatigue.
  7. Gum offers more than fresh breath. They can be used for removing food particles in tooth after eating, they kill bacteria that cause bad odor and sugar free gun is prescribed for increasing saliva production.


You need to decide what is suitable for you based on your needs. However, it is important to note that these are just temporary solutions. If you have chronic bad breath or any other dental condition, seeing a dentist is extremely important. Schedule a check-up in order to get permanent solution to any tooth problem that you might have. It is advisable not to wait till a problem escalates for you to seek help. Early detection of teeth problems makes them easier and cheaper to treat. The pain will also be less.

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