Medical Insurance Vs. Dental Insurance

There is a debate as to whether people should opt for medical insurance that covers their dental treatments or take a dental insurance coverage for their dental needs. Medical insurance usually covers hospital services, dental treatment, home nursing, glasses, physiotherapy and other therapies. The dental treatment needs covered include regular visits to the dentists for a checkup or for simple procedures such as teeth cleaning, removal of infected teeth and plaque.


Depending on the medical insurance cover that you have, there are certain procedures that the cover will not meet. Most of the cosmetic dentistry procedures are not covered. Although dental insurance also does not cover cosmetic dentistry, there is a cover known as dental plus that is available to cover some cosmetic procedures. This is why people prefer dental insurance. As the name suggests, this policy is given by a dental insurance company. It is able to cover all the dental needs that you might have.


How do you choose between the two covers? Here are some considerations:


  • Dental history:  If you and your family have strong and healthy teeth naturally, you might not need to seek an individual dental insurance plan. There are some people who inherit poor teeth because of their genes. If your family has a poor dental history, it might be better to take dental insurance.
  • Restorative dental care: If you did not take good care of your teeth when you were a child or failed to practice proper dental hygiene, chances are that you will experience a lot of dental problems. Restorative dental care is the solution. Your dentist can prescribe dental implants, crowns, bridges and other procedures. There are certain procedures that medical insurance will not cover because these procedures can be very expensive. This is when you need to have dental insurance. 
  • Dental insurance covers diagnostic dental care and dental care to prevent future teeth and gum issues. There are certain covers that offer periodontal maintenance, teeth cleaning and dental procedures such as denture placement or removal. You can also enjoy oral surgery, teeth filling TMJ and placement of root canals. 
  • Cost efficient: It is important to look at the insurance cover that is most convenient and will allow you to save money.


There are employers who usually cover their employees’ dental insurance. However, you can also access these services individually from a dental insurance company. If your dental treatments cost more than five hundred dollars annually, you need to consider getting an individual insurance cover. 

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