I Just Chipped My Tooth

A chipped tooth can be of great concern as it usually happens suddenly. When you chip your tooth there are things that you can do immediately to get immediate relief. Otherwise it is better to see a dentist as soon as possible so that he can check your tooth further and provide the right treatment. If you are in pain, you can take a painkiller to help you handle the pain. Pain relief is important as it will take away the discomfort and help you deal with the situation in a calm way.


The other thing you can do is cover the edge with a piece of wax paraffin or sugarless gum especially if it has a jagged or sharp edge. This will protect your mouth from being scratched and injured by the sharp or jagged edge. Treat the tooth gently and eat only soft food that will not press hard on the tooth thus damaging it further.


You should visit your dentist so that he can look at the chipped tooth. Unless you fell or were hit hard that your tooth chipped, the dentist can be able to see if there is any underlying condition and treat it accordingly. Other procedures that the dentist will carry out on your tooth will include:


  • Bonding or filling

If the chipped tooth is at the front and can be easily seen, the dentist will use a composite resin and mould it to fit the missing part. This is a simple procedure that involves roughening the surface of the remaining tooth and applying an adhesive which is used to hold the resin. After being shaped to look like a natural tooth, the resin is hardened using ultraviolet light. Filling is done if the crown of an inner tooth has chipped.


  • Dental crown

The dentist can put a dental crown over the tooth that has chipped if a large piece has broken off or the tooth is too decayed. The cap helps protect the tooth from further damage and infection. The cap is also important for adding aesthetic value.


You should not assume a chipped tooth but should seek dental attention immediately. This is because a chipped tooth is susceptible to infection and decay. It can also chip away further leaving you to seek a more costly alternative as it will mean a more intense procedure.  You should ensure that you regularly take care of your teeth to make them stronger. A good diet will also help to have healthy teeth.

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I chipped my tooth last month and Dr. Roger E. Oppenheimer fixed me up in under 30 minutes. We are very lucking to have this master dentist in our town.

October 30, 2014   Marcus, Milford CT

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