How To Prevent TMJ

Temporo-mandibular joint or TMJ disorders are associated with problems that affect the joints and muscles that connect the lower jaw and the skull. Human beings have two TMJs on either side of the head. These disorders cause a lot of pain and teeth dysfunction.  In order to understand prevention of this condition, it is important to understand the causes that include:


  1. Physical stress on the cartilage disc and other structures surrounding the joints at the back of the ears and skull
  2. Stress. This puts a strain on the muscles and nerves.
  3. Poor dental hygiene
  4. Grinding of teeth for a long time.
  5. Bad biting of food
  6. Automobile accidents that cause fractures, dislocations and structural problems of joints and jaws.
  7. Orthodontic braces
  8. Poor diet
  9. Poor sleeping patterns or lack of it.
  10. Poor posture such as holding your head while working. This can strain your muscles.


If you suspect that you are suffering from TMJ, it is important to schedule a visit to the dentist for special TMJ exams. Depending on the symptoms, you may also need an ENT specialist. The tests will be conducted to check your joints, muscles, head, nose, ears and teeth. Here are some of the ways to prevent TMJ:


  1. Eat a well-balanced meal every day. Avoid foods that are hard. It is also important to avoid chewing gum.
  2. Relaxation techniques are important especially when you have a lot of work or under stress. This will relieve muscle tension.
  3. Always ensure that your posture is maintained. If you are working on the computer, pause often for a break or to rest your limbs.
  4. Be safe and follow traffic rules especially when driving to avoid accidents.
  5. Take care of your jaws. Avoid chewing paper, pen caps and other objects.
  6. There are other cases where TMJ disorders affect patients who have a poor dental history because of their genes. In such cases, it is important that children are taken for regular dental appointments to detect any dental conditions before they become severe. For adults, observe proper oral health care as this can save you a lot of money for corrective dental surgery and other procedures.
  7. Chiropractic care: One of the solutions of TMJ is chiropractic care. This is especially a solution for people with poor dental history. Regular care of TMJ allows you to avoid the disorder. Chiropractors also assist their patients in aligning the spine. This keeps the nervous system in better health and allows it to work well.  
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