History of Dentistry

Dentistry traces its roots way back to 7000 B.C. Evidence shows that in ancient times, dental treatments were carried out. From teeth examined from ancient remains, holes similar to those done by dental drills were seen. Other documented evidence of dentistry also show dental extractions, use of wires to treat broken jaws and loose teeth as well as treatment of gum diseases. This proves that dentistry was not started recently but is a concept that has been around way back in history.


Dental practices have indeed been part of civilization for thousands of years. It was not quite as refined as it is today and indeed it was a very bad time to have dental problems in ancient times. The conditions of dental practice were not hygienic and the process was definitely not pain free. If you think your experience at the dental clinic was traumatic, you should consider what the people then had to endure many years ago.


  • Lack of information

Not much was known about dental problems including cavities and gum diseases. In fact at some point cavities were attributed to worms that ate the teeth. With this lack of information, people could not protect themselves from cavities and gum diseases as they did not know much about them.


  • Primitive methods of treatment

Treatment methods though done with good intentions were primitive at best. Extraction was done by use of strings and even keys in the most painful way as there were not sedatives and pain killers then.  If during extraction using a key the tooth broke into pieces, they were removed piece by piece till it was done. Implants were held in place with wires and silk ligatures.


  • Unhygienic treatments

There was no concept of cross infection or transfer of diseases. No gloves or antiseptics were used in the treatments. In fact, in their quest to transplant teeth from one person to another as way of implants, the recipient got infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and syphilis.



As much as the dental practices long ago were primitive, the actions of the past contributed a lot to what is taking place today. This is because as years went by, dental treatments and practices were refined to the pain-free procedures they are today. Next time you are at the dental office and you are dreading going through the procedure, just remember that it could be worse.

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