Health Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the well-known treats in the world. It is not just a sweet though as it can be beneficial for your health. This is because the basic ingredient in dark chocolate is derived from the plant cacao. This plant contains flavonoids and antioxidants, which are good for your health.


  • It is good for the heart
  • Consumers of dark chocolate will enjoy the benefit of a healthy heart. Studies shows that dark chocolate lowers the risk of heart failure by up to a third. It also shows that the dark chocolate helps to reduce blood pressure. The chocolate improves the health of the heart by making the veins and arteries more flexible.
  • It is good for weight loss

As dark chocolate is more filling, using it as a substitute for other sweets is good for anyone wanting to lose weight. Sticking to the recommended daily quantity will help you realize good health and at the same time cut weight gain.


  • It reduces stress

Chocolate releases serotonin which enables you to relax. It is ideal for anyone dealing with depression as it makes users feel better.


  • Makes people happy

Chocolate is good for uplifting spirits as it has a ‘feel good’ chemical. This is the reason why children and other people who eat chocolate are happier and in better moods.


  •  Protects the skin from effects of the sun

The flavonoids in the dark chocolate are helpful for protecting the skin from burning when exposed to the sun. Studies have shown that those who ate chocolate rich in flavonoids took a longer time in the sun before the skin starts to redden.


To counter the effect of the sugar, butter and milk that may cause adverse effects on your health, it is recommended that just a box of dark chocolate a day will have the desired effects. Considering the dark chocolate makes you feel full with just a little quantity, you can be able to stick to the recommended daily dose.


Chocolate is therefore not just a sugary treat but it is also helpful for your body as it is made from organic plant products. When eating chocolate, the key factor to consider is the calories input. You should therefore know how much calories are in each serving of chocolate treats that you indulge in. This way you will avoid weight gain. Also exercising is a great accompaniment to eating chocolate and will help its benefits be felt more.

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