Future of Dentistry

Dentistry is a field that continues to evolve and it seems there is so much to come in future. Dentistry traces its roots from way back and it has grown to be a dynamic field that continues to improve the lives of many people. What the future holds is still left to be seen but it may involve:


Technology advancement


Dental technology continues to advance and with more technical discoveries, this may be reflected in the dental procedures and practices. In future, we might see diagnostics and treatment become more computerised. Computerization of dental procedures will make them more efficient and effective. Dental devices will also be more effective and not present any side effect. The way toothbrushes are used may also get more advanced. Toothbrushes of the future may be computerised even to diagnose if the teeth has a problem that needs dentist attention.


Biological advancements


Who knows, maybe in time it will be possible to stimulate the growth of teeth that are extracted. Studies in genetics may be able to through light on this and make it possible. Genetic studies may find the gene to make teeth stronger and resistant to tooth decay. Research may also help in the discovery of how to control the action of the bacteria in the mouth. This knowledge may help neutralize the action of bacteria even before it is able to make acid substances from food.


Integration to Mainstream Healthcare


Dentistry is considered a secondary field when it comes to healthcare. In future, it may be fully integrated into the mainstream healthcare system. This is helpful as people will see the importance of dental care in their lives and it will not be treated as an optional choice. Also, the link between dental health and the general body health will be well documented and recognized. With this awareness, people will take care of their dental health knowing it is useful for their health and will see changes in behaviour.


Dentistry is a field that still has a lot to grow and we can only be left imagining what will happen. With advances in technology and research, the patients will be better off as they will be able to access advanced treatments. Dentists will also have more information on teeth thus they will be able to offer better services to patients and deal with even more dental problems effectively.

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