Foods to Avoid On a First Date

First dates are sensitive. The goal is always simple; try to make everything as less awkward as possible. This is because most first dates are very awkward and this might affect whether there will be a second date. One of the things that can give you a nightmare is food. You have to choose the right food to keep your teeth looking clean and maintaining a fresh breath.


The last thing you need on your first date is to have food sticking on your teeth or producing bad odor that will ruin your date. You can avoid these things simply by making the right choice when you pick that menu. Here is a list of some of the foods that you should avoid of the first date if you want to prevent a complete catastrophe.


  1. Spicy food like Indian curry- it is praised for its antibacterial qualities but these foods can have your mouth stinking and that is the last thing that you want on a first date. Tempting as it might be, spicy food might be a ticket to bad odor and you can be sure that you are not getting a kiss with that smell coming from your mouth.
  2. Food with a lot of onions- onions have the amino acid allin. When it is cut the allin turns to
    propenylsulfenic acid. This acid is the culprit in the onion. It is what gets you tearing when you are cutting onions and also responsible for the bad smell that you will have to deal with afterwards.
  3. Coffee - it is difficult to believe that coffee falls in this category. Coffee smells heavenly until it gets into your mouth. The combination of the acidity in your mouth and natural enzymes in coffee is not perfect. The neutralisation in your stomach will lead to production of gastric juices that do not smell great in your mouth.
  4. Garlic- if there was a competition for foods that make your mouth have a bad smell, garlic would take honours. The taste of garlic is almost impossible to wash off your mouth. Digestion of garlic is such that your body will absorb alkyl methyl sulphide into your blood and transfers it to your lungs and to the air immediately. The gas is also released through your skin. This means that you will literally stink of garlic.
  5. Salad and maize cobs- if you want to avoid the embarrassment that comes with talking with food sticking on your teeth then you should stay clear of these foods.
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