Foods That Whiten Teeth

Nothing is more endearing than a bright white smile. Keeping it bright is not too hard, but keeping it white may be quite the daunting task. Still, just as teeth are easily stained by what you eat, there are foods that can help to keep your teeth white, and is a good preventive and management option. Note, it doesn’t do away with your visit to the dental hygienist; it just helps you maintain the effect longer.


Crunchy vegetables


Now you have another reason to munch away on that salad. Chewing crunchy vegetables gives your teeth a light scrubbing and cleansing action which removes substances stuck to it. Less debris between teeth means fewer substances that could potentially stain teeth. Go ahead and immerse yourself in celery, anise, carrots, radishes, lettuces, peppers and those crunchy vegetables for your teeth’s sake.




Chewing gum is twice-fold beneficial: it mechanically removes debris and also stimulates saliva production, increasing the acid neutralization and remineralization of your enamel by saliva. Go for gum with sorbitol, which has anti-bacterial properties, inhibiting the action of bacteria responsible for tooth decay.




If you’re looking for another reason to improve your relationship with cheese, do it for your teeth. Cheese enhances the work of saliva in acid neutralization and enamel remineralization, being so rich in both calcium and phosphorous. This is why cheese is the perfect accompaniment in any wine-tasting excursion. So next time you want that cheese, go for it, the doctors say so!




Okay, so it’s not going to dazzlingly whiten your teeth like the dentist’s bleach kit, but just like water is great for everything else it’s great for your teeth. Water washes down any loose food debris in your teeth that could be staining agents. It also keeps your salivary gland cells properly functioning for proper saliva production, and we know what saliva helps with.


Oranges and strawberries


Dentists recommend oranges and strawberries for their polishing action on teeth. You can regularly rub a strawberry or orange peel over your teeth, and then rinse out with water for a slow polishing effect.


As far as your teeth and food are concerned, this is what you need to remember: the darker and more acidic the food is, the more likely it is to stain your teeth. While you don’t have to completely cut them out of your diet (unless it’s smoking, in which case, you probably should), you can rinse out your mouth or brush your teeth afterwards. Now you know how to keep that smile beaming.

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