Fido Needs Dental Care Too

Having a clean mouth and fresh breath is important especially if you want to have a social life. Most of us follow a dental routine and this is very important to protect our teeth from decay and cavities. As much as dental hygiene is important to us, it is also important that we do not overlook our pets.


Cats and dogs are at risk of gum diseases with improper dental hygiene or the lack of it. This can contribute to heart disease in the future. Pets also have bad breath. When this happens, it is an indication that Fido needs dental care too. February is a National dental health month for pets. This month is dedicated to understanding the dental needs of pets and ensuring that their oral health is preserved. Here are the benefits of dental care for pets:


  • Removing bad breath: Bad breath is caused by bacteria on the tongue. Bacteria in the mouth forms sulfur and this contributes to bad breath. The degree of bad breath depends on the foods that the pets eat. You need to purchase toothpaste and a toothbrush for the pet when this happens. There is tongue cleaning tools for pets available at stores. These tools should be used to clean the tongue regularly. Although it can be challenging to put the pet in a dental routine, it is worth the effort. 
  • Cleaning pet teeth using toys: One of the most encouraged dental care routines for dogs is having them gnaw on toys. These toys are vet approved and made from nylon or rawhide. This is not only a fun way to ensure that their teeth are cleaned but it also allows them to get rid of all the pent up energy in their bodies. Cleaning toys remove plaque from teeth and gums.
  • Veterinary visits: Veterinaries advice pet owners to go for veterinary visits at least once a week so that the pets’ oral health is checked. Even when pets do not eat foods high in sugar, they can suffer from loose teeth, swollen gums and food trapped between their teeth. Pets are prone to tumors and mouth sores. Veterinary visits include mouth tests and teeth cleaning. If there are any infections, it is important that they are detected and treated early.

Large dog breeds are usually aggressive when eating. There are times when bones can fracture their teeth. This means that the dog will be prone to infection. A visit to the veterinary clinic will ensure that the tooth is repaired or extracted depending on the severity of the fracture. 

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