Favorite Sugar Free Gum

Chewing gum without sugar does a world of good to the teeth. It helps to reduce your chances of experiencing tooth cavities and dental decay. When you are not in a position to brush your teeth, the chewing gum serves the purpose of cleaning your teeth, getting rid of bad breath and it can be consumed by people who have diabetes. Sugar free chewing gum is beneficial to users in more than one way as shown below:

Increase saliva production.


When you use sugar free chewing gum you stimulate the production of saliva thus increasing its flow which:


  • Neutralizes plaque acid on the teeth which might cause decay.
  • Encourages remineralisation by decreasing acidity of your saliva to a point at which damaged enamel can be reversed by absorbing and coating the teeth with minerals like calcium and phosphate ions which is found in the saliva promoting a biofilm that strengthens your teeth.

Reduce development of dental carries.


If you choose to consume sugar free chewing gum read the ingredients list to see if it contains approved ingredients such as xylitol, sorbitol, carbamide, fluoride, and calcium.


  • Xylitol inhibits tooth decay by reducing the rate at which plaque is formed and development, reducing your chances of getting tartar, gum disease and tooth carries.
  • Sorbitol cannot be metabolised by oral bacteria in the mouth which breaks down starches and sugars to release acid that may lead to enamel erosion.
  • Carbamide helps decrease the rate at which your teeth gets discoloured when you consume foods and drinks with strong colourings or when you smoke.
  • Fluoride promotes tooth remineralisation.
  • Calcium helps maintain the teeth composition ensuring the enamel remains strong.

Helps clean your mouth


When you eat foods and drinks with fermentable carbohydrates that contain sugars such as polyols, fructose and lactose they stick to your teeth and work with bacteria which lead to cavities. When you use sugar free chewing gum it increases the rate at which food particles that are stuck on your teeth and along the gum line are cleared.


Maintains fresh breath.


It keeps your breath fresh after smoking, consuming a spicy meal or foods with a strong scent like garlic. When you use flavoured chewing gum it helps reduce the intensity of the door increasing your confidence.


Prolongs increased salivary flow which keeps the mouth moist giving you relief from dry mouth discomfort.

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