Family Photos and Smiling Alternatives

Family photos give an opportunity to freeze memories for many years. They make great references for all gatherings that happen over the years. One prerequisite of family photos with the exception of somber moments is that a smile is expected. However not everyone is endowed with beautiful teeth that makes the photo picture perfect. If you are concerned that your teeth are not at their best, there are tricks that you can use to make the next family photo look presentable. A forced uncomfortable smile can make a photo moment not look authentic, so here is what to do.


  • Strike a pose - Taking a pose that focuses the attention from your mouth you can be able to get that perfect photo. You can tilt your head lower or take an over the shoulder shot thereby making the photo more focused to the eyes. If it is a group photo, you can stand at a position where you are not fully facing the camera.
  • You can also move the smile to your eyes. You can do this by focusing on the emotion of the moment which is happy and giving a slight smile. This will mean the eyes will express the large part of your emotions.

Not everyone is photogenic but the photo moment does not need to be torturous. Relaxing is one step of being assured of having a great photo outcome.  You can also use props to camouflage your smile. Instead of smiling you can laugh or say something. This will still capture the moment.


The other thing that you can do is actively be involved in changing the condition of your teeth. If the condition of your teeth is beyond being helped by just brushing and flossing, then you can consult a dentist and get help with making your smile look better. There are many procedures that can be done at the dental office that will help to give you that perfect smile that will boost your confidence.


Sometimes what is needed to fix your teeth is something so simple that you will be surprised when it is done. Your dentist will help you by recommending the right products and procedures that you can use to improve your smile. So if you are tired looking for ways to get that perfect smile, visit your dentist for a solution that will boost your confidence in getting the perfect photo.

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