Facts About Wisdom Teeth

Have you ever wondered why wisdom teeth are described in this way? ‘Wisdom teeth’ is the nickname given the third molars. These molars do not grow until someone becomes an adult. During this time, your dental arch is larger and is able to accommodate these molars.


Wisdom teeth therefore grow after we become adults and are therefore a sign of wisdom and maturity.  Some people see their wisdom teeth after the age of twenty one. By the time you reach this age, you are considered a responsible person and required to act maturely and understand right from wrong. Here are other facts about wisdom teeth:


  1. There are times when they can be removed: There are times when these teeth must be removed. In such cases, they are infected, have cavities or plaque. Wisdom teeth grow at the end of the mouth and they can be difficult to clean because they are not easy to reach. There are studies that are being conducted to prevent wisdom teeth from growing as more often than not, they are removed later in life.
  2. There are people who will never have wisdom teeth in their lifetime. There are studies that show that it could be as a result of culture, evolution or genes. Human beings do not need wisdom teeth to survive. When it comes to culture, people eat and use their jaws differently. That is why wisdom teeth are common among the people of East Asia.
  3. There are studies that show that wisdom teeth can be used as stem cells.
  4. Wisdom teeth are not formed when the foetus is in the womb. Other teeth are formed before the baby comes to term.
  5. Most people suffer from impacted wisdom teeth. There are times when the mouth cannot accommodate all the teeth especially when the wisdom teeth start growing. If the wisdom teeth are left, they can damage the surrounding teeth.
  6. Your diet and dental hygiene affects how your wisdom teeth will grow. People who like eating soft food are more likely to have impacted wisdom teeth because their jaws are not exercised too much. Diets nowadays are simple and easy on the teeth. People who eat meat, sugarcane, carrots and other hard foods are less likely to have impacted wisdom teeth because their jaws are exercised creating room for wisdom teeth to grow.  


Removing your wisdom teeth should be a decision that you make with a dentist. If you decide to jeep them, make sure you clean them well and regularly. 

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