Digital X-rays are Terrific

One of the technologies that dentists are embracing for their patients is digital radiography, commonly known as digital x-rays. As the name suggests, this is where wireless sensor is put inside your mouth. A computer is used to display the image of your mouth in a matter of seconds. The images can be enlarged for clarity and diagnosis of teeth problems.


Instead of an x-ray film, digital x-rays use sensors. The patient is able to see the condition of his teeth on the computer. The best thing about using digital x-rays is the fact that you are exposed to very little radiation.  Studies show that the amount of radiation produced from these machines is safe just like those that come from television and planes. For images to be seen on the computer, a patient wears a lead apron. A thyroid collar is also placed on the neck to keep the head steady. Other benefits of digital x-rays include:


  1. Digital x-rays are viewed from computers. This makes it easy for dentists to email other dentists for a second opinion when handling challenging dental conditions. Consultation with these specialists is made easier and quickly. This benefits the patients. 
  2. Digital x-rays are used as preventive tools in dentistry. The x-ray allows dentists to see things they could not see with the naked eye. Dentists are also not able to see elusive dental conditions such as the early stages of oral cancer. These x-rays allow them to have very clear images of the patient’s mouth.
  3. Dental diseases inside the pulp and gums are hardly seen with the naked eye. This machine is great for noticing such problems. Treatment is administered to patients as soon as they have dental diseases. This also prevents severe problems in the future.
  4. Digital x-rays offer invaluable information about the oral health of patients. They show the presence of cysts, bone deterioration, tooth decay and teeth irregularities. A dentist is able to notice when teeth are improperly positioned. This is very important especially for children. When this problem is corrected at an early age, children will have healthy teeth when they grow up. 
  5. Elimination of chemicals: Dentists use digital x-rays where images are processed on the computer. This means that they do not need to use chemicals to develop or fix dental x-rays that come from the x-ray film. This eliminates the need for chemicals in the clinic that can be hazardous when they pour.    
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