Describe a Hygiene Appointment

The secret to beautiful strong teeth and gums lies in the care that is given to them. It is with this in mind that a visit to the hygienist is a good idea for anyone who wants to have a healthy mouth. The difference between a hygiene clinic and a regular dental clinic is that there are no dental procedures that take place here. During a hygiene appointment do not expect the dentist to extract teeth or carry out any intense procedure on your teeth. So what should you expect when you go to dental hygienist?



The role of the dental hygienist is to provide preventive dental hygiene and this is done in three ways:


  • Preventive services that help with the maintenance of good oral health.
  • Educational services that encourage patients to adapt good oral health practices and show the patients the importance of these practices to their dental wellbeing.
  • Provide treatments that stop diseases and maintain healthy gums.
  1. Screening

An oral assessment is done which involves the hygienist looking at the state of your teeth and gums. The assessment may be accompanied by x-ray and panoramic radiograph to give the right picture of the state of your teeth.

  1. Treatment plan

Depending on the results of the assessment, the hygienist can be able to come up with a relevant plan that will suit you. The plan involves the treatment you will get which can include:

  1. Prophylaxis (teeth cleaning )
  2. Periodontal debridement (deep cleaning)
  1. Education

Prevention is always considered the best cure and the education services offered at during hygiene appointments are necessary for maintaining healthy gums and teeth. A tooth when damaged by cavity is no longer salvageable but when the cavity is prevented in the first place, you get to enjoy better overall health. Education services are therefore used to impart the knowledge of what to do in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Here you will be taught the basics of taking care of your teeth including brushing, flossing and eating healthy. You will also be advised on what practices to avoid that would compromise the health of your teeth.

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