Dental Technology

Technology plays a major role in how the world operates nowadays. It has helped in the development of effective tools and equipment that make dental services more efficient, fast and comfortable for the patient. Dental technology has evolved in terms of diagnostic and treatment. There are many tools that are now available to help make the visit to the dentist and subsequent treatment more pleasant.


Finding out the status of your teeth has been made easier with use of intraoral cameras. These are digital tools that take pictures of the teeth therefore giving a clear indication if they are at their best or not. The pictures show if plaque has formed and if there are any visible cavities. Another helpful tool in diagnostic is the DIAGNOdent laser that is used to indicate if there is any decay on your teeth. By scanning, it is able to pinpoint even the slightest indication of decay and treatment can start right away. This is not only fast but it enables the dentist to treat the tooth before a cavity forms.


In the quest of catching oral cancer before it forms, dental technology has made it possible through a VizLite, which basically uses light to indicate any possible danger of oral cancer forming in the mouth. The light is able to differentiate between the cells in the mouth and to set apart the cells that are not healthy.


Apart from diagnostic, dental technology makes it possible for patients to have dental implements such as implants, dentures and braces. Technology has made the processes of using these implements easier and more aesthetic in appearance. Patients do not have to deal with awkward braces and ill fitting dentures. These devices are more refined and flexible in their use therefore more comfortable.


Dental technology advances have also seen the development of more friendly ways of administering sedatives. Patients do not have to deal with injections unless they really have to. This makes the process easier for the dentist and more comfortable for the patients. Technology has made dentistry more pleasant and there is no doubt that there are good things to come in future.


Through the continued evolving of dental technology, procedures that were time barred such as straightening of teeth can now be possible for adults through technology such as Clear Colour and Invisalign. With these advances, there is now no excuse as to why you would not readily go to the dentist often.

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