Dental Phobia

Studies show that one in every four people suffers from dental phobia. This is a fear of visiting a dentist. There are many reasons why people fear the dentist. This may be because of bad experiences linked to a visit maybe during childhood. Dental procedures have not always been smooth. To some, dental clinics were viewed as torture chambers and no one can blame them for thinking so.


Anyone who experienced the old school way of doing things will remember the fear just by the sight of the large needle. Even before feeling its painful jab on the gum, when the needle came out, it was enough to have even the strong willed ready to bolt out of the door and never come back. After that came the sound of the drill and its vibration not forgetting the sound of the roots coming free from the gum during an extraction. A patient who went through this can be forgiven from going through the trauma.


Dental phobia however can be easily overcome with the right mind-set. The fear of the dental clinic is not good for your oral health. In fact it can leave your teeth in a bad state that would require extensive treatment that would make you visit the dentist more times than you would want or have you lose all your teeth. You can get over your phobia by:


  • Look for a friendly dentist. A dentist who understands your fears is helpful as he or she will see you through your phobia. The dentist will be patient and will ensure all procedures will be done accommodating your fears.
  • Take baby steps. You do not have to jump right in. Take the time to visit the dental clinic and get comfortable. Make an appointment and get to have an initial consultation with the dentist. Once you get through this, then you can make an appointment for the next. The idea is to take one visit at a time.
  • Start with small procedures to test the waters. If you want to be in control, agree with your dentist that you can call for a break when you start feeling overwhelmed.


You should also understand that nowadays, dental clinics are run differently. They are more friendly, cleaner and pleasant. Technology has it that there are alternatives to the fears that you may have. Needles are no longer a necessity in the dental clinic and even drills are more silent.

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