Dental Facts

Your teeth are important not only for eating and speaking but also they contribute to your self-confidence. Teeth help you chew food that is necessary for your health. Good teeth enable you to speak properly and clearly. When you teeth are white and healthy, you cannot help but show them off. If you take care of your teeth, you are bound to enjoy your social life.

Dentists encourage their patients to take care of their teeth so that they can prevent plaque and bacteria. It is important to visit your dentist regularly so that you can acquire all the information that you need to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Here are some dental facts that you should know about:

  1. Dentists insist on brushing and flossing as a dental routine. More than 73% of Americans prefer shopping than flossing. When you do not floss, up to forty per cent of your teeth remains with food particles that can cause bacteria.
  2. Tooth brushes must be kept more than six feet away from the toilet so that they are not contaminated with airborne particles that are present every time you flush the toilet.
  3.  Irregular brushing and flossing of teeth leads to plaque. Plaque is caused by three hundred different types of bacteria in the mouth.
  4. The enamel found in teeth is the hardest substance in the body of all human beings. However, dentists encourage their patients not to open bottles with their teeth.  
  5. Teeth are made from phosphorus, calcium and mineral salts. Calcium found in cheese is great for your teeth as it reduces plaque formation and assists in adding mineral salts on teeth.
  6. Dentists recommend that you spend at least three minutes brushing your teeth. However, an average person spends up to seventy seconds brushing the teeth.
  7. The second common disease in America is tooth decay. When you leave food inside the mouth for a long time, chances are that you will suffer from tooth decay. This shows how important it is to take care of your teeth.
  8.  A human being produces enough saliva to fill two average swimming pools.
  9. Your dental formula or tooth prints is unique to individuals even twins. This proves that we are all unique and your teeth can be used as proof of your identity.
  10. It is important to replace your tooth brush after every three months or when you suffer from flu and other infections.   
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