Dental Apps for Children

It is advisable to teach your children about oral health very early in life. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children develop good dental hygiene habits. The dental habits that children develop are what they carry to adulthood. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to teach them these habits early.


Parents should find a way to teach children these crucial lessons in a simple language that they will understand. In addition, parents should make these lessons fun for the young ones. Technology is an effective tool to use to teach these valuable lessons. There are several creative and fun applications and games that you can use to teach your children lessons on oral health.  Some of the apps that you can choose include:


Monster Mouth DDS

The purpose of this application is to familiarize children about what to expect from the trip to the dentist. The game has ghastly creatures that act as patients of the dentist. The children can choose from nine horrifying creatures and all them suffer from different dental conditions. The ailments include bad odor, plaque filled teeth and even broken teeth. Through this game children will learn to identify the dental conditions and the procedures that will be used to treat these conditions. The best part is that children get to learn about dental health in a creative, engaging and fun way.


Sugar Bug Blast

This is a game that encourages your children to use dental tools like polishers, scrubbers, mouthwash and toothbrushes when dealing with sugar bugs. The game uses Barbie to offer children these important lessons. By playing this game children learn the importance of cleaning their tooth in order to deal with their sugar bugs.


Kids’ Dental Health Lite/Kids Dental Health


This application acts as an interactive book. The children get to choose a character in the story and have the story read to them or read the story on their own. Kids Dental Health is well and colorfully illustrated. It helps in teaching children about how and why they should brush their teeth. The app also helps in teaching the children the importance of healthy eating, flossing and making regular visits to the dentist.


There are many applications that can help your child to learn the importance of oral hygiene and oral health in general. When children are entertained and have fun while learning these lessons, they can stop associating dental health with fear and pain.

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