Can Drinking with a Straw Benefit You?

Drinking straws can be greatly beneficial for your oral hygiene and general well-being; they are convenient, easy to use and portable. There are different types of drinking straws made from different materials including stainless steel, paper, re-useable plastic and disposable biodegradable plastic materials. The benefits of using straws include:

  1. Protection against tooth decay.

Using drinking straws can help protect against discolouring, tooth decay and cavities. You should position the straw to the back of your mouth and do not rest it on your teeth. This will limit the time of contact between your teeth and your beverage minimizing exposure to bacteria and sugary substances that can stick on your teeth and cause enamel erosion and decay.  If you allow your teeth to come into contact with the drink you are taking then you will not get this benefit.

  1. Promotes good hygiene.

Most restaurants offer drinking straws for their customers as a courtesy and as a health precaution. It is more hygienic to use a drinking straw when using utensils meant for public use to avoid contracting germs and communicable diseases. The most important thing to ensure is that the straw is well wrapped before you use it to ensure cleanliness.

  1. Drinking straws are convenient.

Using drinking straws on the go is convenient, it ensures you do not spill beverages on yourself especially hot drinks and coloured drinks which can leave stains on your outfits. For a lot of women drinking straws are convenient because they do not smear their lipstick or lip-gloss all over their glass and their lips when taking a drink.

  1. Drinking straws are safe. 

Drinking from straws allows you to consume controlled amount of liquid this will ensure that:


  • You avoid burning your tongue and mouth with hot drinks.
  • Using a straw controls the amount of liquid you take therefore reduces the possibility of getting choked.
  • For individuals with sensitive teeth using a straw ensures you experience less sharp pain when drinking a cold beverage because you regulate the amount that gets to your mouth.


Drinking straws can be beneficial to a lot of people especially to those who want to drink more water, using straws makes drinking water easy. It is also for those who have:


  • Sensitive teeth or dental problems.
  • For the sick being nursed and need to be feed.
  • For young children.
  • For people who prefer to use straws.
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