Brushing And Family Fun

For some reason, brushing teeth has always seemed to be a chore to many especially children. This is can be considered puzzling as teeth brushing is meant to safeguard the health of the teeth. Parents should therefore make brushing of teeth a regular activity that is ingrained in the lives of their children. The parents should start by ensuring that children understand the importance of brushing teeth for their wellbeing. When they understand this, they will see the importance of this activity and be glad to carry it out at all times.


Brushing teeth should not be deemed to be forced upon children but it should be taught to them. When children feel like the activity is imposed upon them, they may rebel against it and take any opportunity not to brush gladly.  It should be gradually introduced into their routine and they will not have a problem with it in future. Making this a fun activity instead of a chore will make it more accepting to the child.


  • Make a game out of it

Children respond to games. Race the child to the bathroom and challenge him or her to who will reach first and start brushing.

  • Make it fun

Incorporate songs, fun toothbrushes, toothpastes and holders as stimulants that will make brushing time fun.

  • Make it a family activity


Let it be a time for everyone to brush. This will be encouraging to the little ones and when they see everyone doing it, they will accept it as part of a routine.


Making the act of brushing teeth fun is effective if done the right way. The activity should take at least two minutes for the mouth to be well cleaned. Rushing through it in the name of fun and games will make it counterproductive. You should use the opportunity to teach the children the right way to brush their teeth to ensure all parts of the mouth are reached during the exercise.


It should be fun and exciting but you should ensure that all products used are safe for children and the whole family. The toothbrushes should be effective and well designed. The toothpaste that you choose should be safe and not have ingredients that will cause harm to the health of the family. With fun brushing exercises and proper instructions, the child will come to appreciate brushing teeth and will always associate the activity with a fun memory.

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