Antacid Tablets Bad for Teeth

Most people use antacids to reduce the level of acid in their mouths. This is a common habit that might be causing oral health problems. There is no conclusive evidence that antacids can help in reduction of acid levels in your mouth. Notably, most of the tablets that people take are bought over the counter. This means that it very easy for them to over use them.


When you overuse antacids, you reduce the amount of acid in your stomach. Your stomach needs to retain a certain level of acids in the stomach for digestion and it will react by producing more acid. This is what leads to the frequent heartburns that people suffer. It is important to note that these acids also affect the condition of your teeth. Excess acid in your mouth can cause tooth erosion.


Tooth erosion refers to the wearing out of the enamel as a result of acidic foods dissolving it. Stomach acids also cause erosion. This happens when people vomit or during severe heartburns. Tooth erosion can be severe and expensive to treat and you might need to replace your enamel when they are eroded.  There are several ways to prevent tooth erosion. Some include:


  • You should reduce the amount of acidic foods and drinks that you take. If it’s possible limit the intake of these foods to meal times.
  • It is also advisable to avoid brushing your teeth soon after taking citrus fruits or acidic drinks. You should wait for at least half an hour before you brush your teeth. Instead of brushing your teeth, you are advised to rinse your mouth immediately after taking acidic foods or drinks.
  • Saliva in your mouth helps in reducing the acidic levels in your mouth. Therefore you can use sugar free gum to stimulate saliva production.
  • Avoid over using antacids. Only use them when necessary and have a dosage that you are following.


Dental care is a priority. You should put effort in learning the things that might not be good for your teeth. This helps you in preventing damage to your teeth. If you have a dentist that you regularly see, they can easily detect tooth erosion as soon as it starts to happen. If the erosion on your teeth is extreme, then you might have to get veneers or composite filling to correct the problem. It is advisable to get a cosmetic dentist for such a procedure.

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