Aging and your Teeth

In spite of maintaining excellent dental care, your gums, teeth, and jawbone experience changes as you age. Moreover, as you age, you have a higher likelihood of taking medications or experiencing a disease that could affect your oral health. Currently, a considerable number of people over 65 years maintain some of their natural health. However, older individuals still face increased incidences of gum disease, mouth infections, dental decay, and tooth loss. While these problems can cause frustration, you can take measures to maintain good oral health.


Changes that occur as you age


Tooth Changes


Activities such as cleaning and chewing will cause wear and tear over time. People who grind or clench their teeth experience more wear and tear compared to others who don’t. You may observe that your teeth also darken over time. This happens since with aging, dentin gets darker and thinner. Simultaneously, your enamel thins, permitting the darker dentin to become visible. Staining from tea, wine, tobacco, and coffee also cause teeth discoloration. Numerous older individuals also experience more plaque accumulation. This might not be age-related. It could arise from physical changes that can make it more challenging to floss and brush every day. For instance, you may be unable to clean your teeth well following a stroke or with arthritis.


Gum Changes


As you age, your gums recede from your teeth and shrinkage of your jawbone occurs. These changes are moderate. Age alone will not result in a major loss of teeth-supporting structures. If your roots are bare, your teeth could become sensitive. You can use fluoride rinses to reduce this sensitivity. These rinses are also helpful in preventing decay on your crowns and exposed teeth roots.


Oral changes


Numerous oral changes do not originate from aging. Instead, they are side effects of medications or other medical conditions. For instance, numerous medications and some illnesses cause changes in how things taste. Taste changes can ultimately result in nutritional problems.


Solutions for aging teeth


Various cosmetic solutions can treat your aging teeth including:


Teeth Whitening


As you age, the external layer of your tooth enamel wears down thereby exposing the underlying layer, which is typically yellower. Beverages and food can also discolor your teeth. You can whiten your teeth professionally or by purchasing a whitening kit.


Dental bonding


Teeth bonding involve the use of a plastic resin to repair your tooth. This procedure takes a shorter time and is less costly compared to porcelain veneers. 

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